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English Idioms

Alphabetical list in English language which contains all the idioms in this site.

  1. A drop in the ocean
  2. A fine gesture
  3. A hard nut to crack   [пояснения]
  4. A heavy heart
  5. A knowing old bird   [пояснения]
  6. A load off one’s mind
  7. A round peg in a square hole   [пояснения]
  8. As like as two peas in a pod
  9. As plain as the nose on your face
  10. As stiff as poker
  11. As thick as thieves  [пояснения]
  12. Dumb as an oyster
  13. He wishes the ground would open under him
  14. He won’t set the Thames on fire [пояснения]
  15. He wouldn’t hurt a fly
  16. Hungry as a hunter
  17. It rains cats and dogs   [пояснения]
  18. It’s a small world
  19. It’s still all up in the air     [пояснения]   NEW!
  20. Like the bolt from the blue
  21. Nail drives out nail
  22. Not fit to hold a candle to someone   [пояснения
  23. Not to see an inch beyond one’s nose
  24. One’s hair stands on end
  25. One’s heart sank into one’s boots   [пояснения]
  26. Open-hearted
  27. Packed like sardines
  28. Put it into your pipe and smoke it
  29. Rara avis    [пояснения
  30. Red as a lobster
  31. Rolling in money     [пояснения
  32. That’s the heart of the matter
  33. Thin as a rake
  34. To avoid someone or something like the plague
  35. To bare one’s heart
  36. To beat about the bush      [пояснения
  37. To beat the air
  38. To be between the devil and the deep blue sea    [пояснения] 
  39. To be busy as a bee  [пояснения]
  40. To be in someone’s shoes
  41. To be in the air
  42. To be on pins and needles
  43. To be out of swaddling clothes
  44. To be under someone’s thumb     [пояснения
  45. To be up in the clouds
  46. To bring grist to someone’s mill
  47. To buy a pig in a poke     [пояснения
  48. To call a spade a spade
  49. To cast a slur on someone’s reputation
  50. To cover up one’s traces   [пояснения]
  51. To cudgel one’s brains over something
  52. To draw the wool over someone’s eyes     [пояснения 
  53. To drink the cup to the end
  54. To drive someone into a corner
  55. To fish in troubled waters     [пояснения
  56. To fly off the handle    [пояснения] 
  57. To follow in someone’s footsteps
  58. To get out of the bed on the wrong side
  59. To go against the stream
  60. To go through fire and water
  61. To go to the end of the earth to get something
  62. To hang by a thread   [пояснения]
  63. To hurl thunderbolts
  64. To keep mum
  65. To kill two birds with one stone [пояснения]
  66. To knock at an open door
  67. To know something like the palm of one’s hand
  68. To let the grass grow under one’s feet
  69. To live a cat and dog life
  70. To live in clover       [пояснения
  71. To look for a needle in a haystack
  72. To make a mountain out of molehill
  73. To measure another’s corn by one’s own bushel
  74. To play first fiddle
  75. To play with edge-tool
  76. To plough the sand
  77. To promise the moon
  78. To pull strings
  79. To pull the devil by the tail
  80. To put a line out
  81. To put a spoke in someone’s wheel
  82. To put one’s tail between one’s leg
  83. To root something out
  84. To saw off the bough on which one is sitting
  85. To see stars
  86. To see which way the cat jumps
  87. To shout from the housetops
  88. To sit on a powder keg
  89. To sit on the phone
  90. To sit twiddling one’s thumbs
  91. To swim like a stone
  92. To take oneself in hand      [пояснения]
  93. To take someone at his word
  94. To take something to pieces
  95. To take to something like a duck to water
  96. To tread on air
  97. To twist someone round one’s little finger
  98. To use a sledge-hammer to crack a nut
  99. To vanish into thin air
  100. You might as well talk to a brick wall

Дополнительно (английские идиомы с этимологией, значением и примерами употребления):

  1. You're Pulling My Leg! (подшучивать, морочить голову)
  2. Caucasian; Caucasian race [белая раса - проблемы перевода]
  3. Cliffhanger [на самом интересном месте захватывающего сюжета]   
  4. English as She Is Spoke (ломаный английский) 
  5. Who is afraid of the big bad wolf? (Злой и страшный серый волк)
  6. By Hook or by Crook (всеми правдами и неправдами)
  7. Not enough room to swing a cat in (яблоку негде упасть)


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